Williamson Physical Technique for the 
Actor & Performer
Period Style & Character
Summer Intensive for Physical Theater  Training

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The physical life of an actor begins with CONTACT

Through the body’s five senses, actors make contact with their surrounding world. Actors hear,touch,smell,taste or see another person, place or thing. Awareness comes from this contact.

Contact coming alive in the actors body is EXPERIENCE

The primary instrument for experience is the actor’s torso. It interacts with people, places and things through its spontaneous expansion and release. As the interaction occurs it extends to include the vital systems such as the respirator, circulatory, muscular, nervous and even the skeletal systems.

Experiential life flowing out of the body is BEHAVIOR

Behavior takes the form of motion, such as gestures or, more simply, the movement of the torso when breathing or the rush of blood to the face as in a blush. And it takes the form of sound such as speech laughter, screams, songs, or a simple sigh.





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